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ACIRS 2023 addresses researchers and industries from all areas of Intelligent Robot Systems. It provides an international forum for the exchange between those fields, to present advances in the state of the art, identify emerging research topics, and together define the future of these exciting research domains. We invite researchers to participate and submit their work to the program. Likewise, any work on AI that has a relation to any of these fields or potential for the usage in any of them is welcome.


Interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1. Robot Design and Control

Mechanism and robot design
Motion planning
Underactuated robots
Distributed robot coordination
Multi-robot systems
Swarm Intelligent robots
Soft robots
Pneumatic artificial muscle robots

2. Robotics Applications

Aerial vehicles
Agriculture robots
Climate robotics
Domestic personal robots
Industrial robotic systems
IAS for manufacturing
Intelligent transport systems
Medical/rehabilitation robotics
Professional service robots
Rescue robots
Service/Life support robots
Space robotics
Underwater/Aerial robots

3. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

AI platforms for VR/AR, cloud-based platforms
Autonomous systems
Biomimetic robotics
Distributed intelligence systems
Human-robot Interface
Intelligent control
Intelligent security and surveillance systems
Intelligent systems engineering
Multi-agent systems
Multi-level systems
Networked robots
Sensors, sensor-fusion, and sensor-based control
Visual servoing/robot vision
Data Analysis and Validation

4. Simulation and Virtual Reality

Robot simulations
System components, virtual reality platforms
Tracking, physical environment mapping, registration


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