ACIRS 2017

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Accuracy Enhancement of Industrial Robots by On-line Pose Correction

Sepehr Gharaaty, Tingting Shu, Wen-Fang Xie, Ahmed Joubair, Ilian A. Bonev (Presented by Sepehr Gharaaty)

Concordia University, Canada


Design and testing of parallel alignment mechanism for space optical payload

YU Yang and XU Zhen-Bang (Presented byYU Yang)

Innovation Lab of Space Robot System, Changchun Institute of Optical, Fine Mechanics and Physics, CAS, China


System Generator Model-based FPGA Design Optimization and Hardware Co-simulation for Lorenz Chaotic Generator

Lei Zhang (Presented byLei Zhang )

University of Regina, Canada


Study on the movable detection method about inland vessels ultra-draft violations

Wenyuan Chen, Ling Dong,Wentong Yi and Xianqiao Chen (Presented by Wenyuan Chen)

School of Computer Science & Technology, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China


A Multimodal Gesture-based Virtual Interactive Piano System Using Computer Vision and a Motion Controller

Shaun van Wyk and Dustin van der Haar (Presented by Shaun van Wyk)

University of Johannesburg, South Africa



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